Why Your Posture is So Important

Sitting Up Straight Can Change Your Life!

We’ve all heard the taunts from parents growing up to ‘sit up straight’ and ‘not to slouch’ - but how often did we listen?

More importantly, how often did we consider exactly WHY they were telling us to do so?
Most of the time, they probably didn’t understand, either.

While it’s generally accepted that good posture lends itself to our overall external appearance, little has been publicized about the physical reasons of why it is so transformative for all areas of our health.

In terms of spinal health, circulatory health, mental health, and overall physical functioning, it’s VITAL to correct postural alignment before embarking on any course of treatment or medication.

There are many underlying symptoms of poor posture that may not seem initially obvious, and this webinar (Why Your Posture is So Important on Thursday, November 5th at 6:30 pm CST) will aim to help you understand more about the potential sources of your discomfort.

It is my motivation and utmost pleasure to help people understand as much as they can about the effects of their physical posture on all aspects of their health. By doing this, I hope to help others cultivate greater body awareness with the aim of promoting the benefits of proper posture as well as corrective techniques.

There is no need to suffer any longer!

During this experience, you will receive insightful advice and information which will help you understand more about how the positioning of our bodies (and the spine in particular) affect on ALL areas of our lives.

Boost Body Awareness, Boost Your Self-Image

People from all over the world suffer from negative body-image and self-awareness, and it’s my hope through this webinar and sharing of postural information to encourage higher levels of positive physical and mental health.

The human body is a fascinating web of connected systems, organs, joints, and ligaments, and by understanding more about how our individual bodies combine these things to help us move and experience the world, we can start to cultivate healthier habits and beliefs towards them.

You’ll find yourself with higher levels of energy, an elevated level of self-worth and body awareness, and even lower your risk of developing certain posture-related diseases now and later in life.

Featured Presenter:

Tammy Shaw-Sykes


I am motivated to help share these methods of improving self and body awareness, in the hopes that it will help people to become a stronger, healthier and more energized version of themselves. This will allow them to become fully present in the world and to take control of their lives with confidence, optimum health, and self-understanding.

There is no reason why you should suffer any longer. Your body, mind, and overall life circumstances will thank you for taking the time to have this experience!

To be the person your friends and family need you to be, you must first be the healthiest, most authentic, and most aligned version of yourself. You must understand the way your unique body works, what will benefit it most, and what will not.

This class will help you reach these levels of self and body awareness!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Thursday, November 5th At 6:30 pm CST!